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A Forward Motion

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A Modern Romance

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We follow cousins, Crystal and Danielle from their teen years to their young adult years. You will love her character's innocent, but often-gritty performance, making this a multi-cultural thrill ride!


   "When I say go, jump out and run like hell!"


   Future history will determine if we’re standing still, traveling in circles, or moving in a Forward Motion.


   "People don't like whom I've become? It's their own fault. They made me who I am! I learned from the best!"


A Modern Romance Short Story Collection...

Introducing The Complete Set! Three short stories plus one Bonus Short. A New Introduction and links to more works by the author.

Meet Shaleah Hart & Eddie Lancing... Eddie was her high school sweetheart but didn't work out. Now years later He is back in town. Can Shaleah & Eddie find their way back to each other?

Meet Tyre & The Twins. Tyre's luck starts to change after meeting former police detective Breona Wells and her twin. Can they put their past behind them and find true love?

After months of getting to know each other, Ronan and Felicitee take a leap of faith. But would everything change because of a social experiment spiraling out of control?


Author for over 30 years, S. Lynn create vast landscapes of literary prose. Whether fiction or non-fiction, she develops a narrative to create a compelling, impactful statement with her words. Lynn has two novels, Backstage Pass, The Jade Sheldon Story- Inspired by actual events. A Forward Motion- a coming-of-age interracial romance set in the seventies. The fiction limited series is written like a memoir, 'Inside A Writer's Life.' A non-fiction series; An Author's View on Writing, An Author's View on Happiness, and An Author's View On Book Marketing.  Lynn also writes short fiction stories starting with, A Modern Romance short story collection that includes, 'Shaleah Hart & Eddie Lancing'… 'Tyre & The Twins' and 'A Social Experiment'. The Modern Romance Suspense series include the novellas, 'Every Blue Moon', 'Work Ethic', and 'In Too Deep.'


Seldom does a book come along that changes us fundamentally, like the novel, Backstage Pass. Jade Sheldon gives us insight into who we are and why we cannot get to the place we want to be. While on her first vacation to Hollywood California, Jade manages to meet the world-famous Universal Madness band and recording artist Reed Dion. 

Set in the seventies, the novel, A Forward Motion is a coming-of-age story about a group of friends trying to negotiate a course between the straight life of education and church-going and the wild side of drugs, nightclubs, and sex.  Future history will determine if we’re standing still, traveling in circles, or moving in a Forward Motion.

Romance Suspense Series:
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Sakira meets Avery with a mutual instant attraction, but something isn’t right. She begins to wonder if Avery Louis is the man he really says he is. She is convinced a good man come around every blue moon.

Amani dreams of owning her own spa resort and Quinn is looking to invest. Together they challenge each other to make this project happen. Author S. Lynn is known for her edgy but educated ambitious but God-fearing characters. She delivers once again with the novella, ‘Work-Ethic’.

Can two love-struck, international spies escape the clutches of their organization and have the chance to live a normal life? Or are they in too deep? This novella will evoke a range of emotions. 

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Those looking to brand themselves better to generate more sales should grab a copy of An Author's View On Book Marketing today and add more ideas to your already great book marketing plan!

An Author’s View On Writing address the most frequently asked questions on writing. This book is perfect for new writers who have little or no understanding of the writing and book industry. 

Are we good listeners and seeing past a person’s defenses, insecurities, and hurts?  Are we allowing these things to control our own behavior?  An Author’s View On Happiness explores the happiness of humanity and the struggle of many to achieve happiness.

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